lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Amanda Rodrigues Pictures

Brazil Gatti Death

The wife of Boxer Arturo Gatti, Amanda Rodrigues was detained this weekend after her husband was found dead in their vacation home in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Authorities say that Rodrigues is the main suspect in Gatti’s death. According to reports by the Associated Press, Roridgues strangled Gatti with her purse strap.

Police suspect Rodrigues because she was the only person around after his death and made inconsistent statements during her interrogation. No motive has been mentioned by authorities as to why Rodrigues would want to kill her husband, thus the case is still developing.

It’s hard to believe that Rodrigues, 23 had the ability to kill her husband, who was the former feather weight champion of the world throughout the mid 90’s. As unfortunate as this story is, it amazes me that it’s the second one in which a pro sports athlete is killed by a younger woman (see Steve Mcnair).


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