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Gaia Online Introduces zOMG!fest with Celebrity Gaming Composer Jeremy Soule

Gaia Online's zOMG!fest Celebrates the Music Behind the Game

Online hangout brings composer Jeremy Soule to MMO for in-game discussion, releases original game soundtrack

San Jose, Calif. June 25, 2009 -- What do you get when you mix epic quests with killer music? Find out this week during zOMG!fest, the ultimate summer event for gaming fanatics and music lovers hosted by Gaia Online, the world's most active online community of more than eight million users. Starting today, Gaians can experience zOMG!, Gaia's free-to-play MMO like never before, with a live in-world forum discussion with the game's music composer, Jeremy Soule, an opportunity to purchase the zOMG! soundtrack and an exclusive virtual item.

To kick off zOMG!fest, Gaia users will have an all-access, behind the scenes music pass. Today at 3:00 pm PT, music lovers will have the opportunity to chat directly with the man behind the music, zOMG! composer Jeremy Soule, during a live forum discussion. In addition to zOMG!, Jeremy has also composed tracks for the games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Company of Heroes, Guild Wars, Elder Scrolls, and Neverwinter Nights. Joining Jeremy during the chat is music producer and songwriter Jeff Miyahara, who has composed music for past Gaia Online events, including the recent Promageddon and is best known for his work with J-pop artists.

"Gaia's members have been speculating about zOMG!fest for several weeks now, so we are psyched to engage them in a whole new zOMG! experience," said Dave Georgeson, senior producer/creative director of zOMG!. "Thanks to Jeremy Soule, zOMG! has an incredibly strong music component, which the users rave about. We are thrilled to be working with a brilliant composer who has an outstanding resume of in-game tracks."

"The coolest thing about zOMG! as a flash-based MMO is that anyone can login, play and share experiences from any computer, without being hindered by the format or the technology," said zOMG! composer Jeremy Soule. "With a line-up of tracks inspired by the classical masters, the music featured in zOMG! really creates a more lively experience for the player."

In response to popular demand by Gaians, members can now purchase a soundtrack of the music heard throughout zOMG!. Participants that purchase the soundtrack on directsong.com during zOMG!fest will receive a free pair of virtual earphones for their avatar.

The complete package of gaming, social interaction and entertainment, zOMG! is a free-to- play browser-based online massively multiplayer game. Hours of endless fun for everyone are found at zOMG! with customizable profiles, chats, quests, mini-games, monsters and more.

To learn more about zOMG!fest or to get in on the action, visit http://www.gaiaonline.com/zomgfest.

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