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Virgin Maria Auxiliatrix PICTURE!

Virgin Maria Auxiliatrix PICTURE

PHOTO! What do Virgin Maria Auxiliatrix and T.O. have in common this week? Twitter-hype. Virgin Maria Auxiliatrix (picture above) covered here at 5 am PST Wednesday was already for hours swirling to tweet-sensation for hours before that.

But why?

And if the Virgin Maria Auxiliatrix sensation Wednesday sounds familiar, look no further that T.O. Bears trade rumors just yesterday. On Tuesday morning, a short one line entry on RumorCentral on the ESPN network prompted the rumor question if Terrell Owens could be heading from the Bills to the Bears. Owens, normally twittering daily, wasn’t on Twitter to respond. From there, the T.O. story got an equal twitter sensation behind it, then covered on LALATE here first by early morning, to the LA Times by 11:30 am.

In the case of the Virgin Maria Auxiliatrix, the word Auxilium meaning “help”, the Feast for her Sanctuary is not coming up; rather its May 24 each year.

But while the feast has passed for thi year, you can watch Maria Auxiliatrix 24/7 courtesy of webcams installed in the Grotto of the Apparitions. It’s maybe there, if you look really closely, she will answer all your League trade rumors.

The first is found on the right hand side of the Gave opposite the Grotto of the Apparitions. It records the surrounds of the Grotto every 15 minutes throughout the day. It also provides other events such as Masses (everyday at 6.07am, 8.07am and 11.07pm), the Rosary on the radio each day at 3.38pm, the Blessed Sacrament Procession at 5.08pm, the Torchlight Marian Procession at 9.30pm and the Grotto at night about 12.15am. The second webcam is found beside the Crowned Statue on the Rosary Square. It offers 4 programmes: the Rosary Basilica from a distance and from close up, the Crowned Statue and the Rosary Square.

For the webcam, CLICK HERE



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