miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

Remember crazy dream where Yasiel Puig was greatest player ever?

Wake up, this can’t really be happening. Like Cher said, snap out of it. Take a trip to reality.
No way Yasiel Puig is anywhere near this good. If he is, then what I really need is to write a post ripping the Dodgers for taking so long to call him up. They really needed 63 entire minor-league games to figure this out?
It’s been just two little games. That doesn’t move the needle on a 162-game season. Lots of players have two great games. Though it seems no Dodger has enjoyed his first two career games quite like this.
Puig is currently 5-for-8 with a double, two homers, five RBI and a not-really-possible 1.500 slugging percentage. He’s the first Dodger with a multi-homer game within his first two career games, and first with at least five RBI since the legendary Spider Jorgensen had six in 1947.
He’s raw, he’s violent, he’s uber-talented, he’s wild, he’s a one-man show.
“There’s an aggressiveness to the way he goes about playing baseball,” said left-hander Ted Lilly. “Certainly the results are attractive, but I like his mindset.
“He’s up there with intent to do damage.”
He doesn’t want to hit a baseball, he wants to hear it cry in pain. He runs so hard, it’s like he’s trying to spin the planet. Pretty sure his throwing arm is already illegal in seven states.
“It’s been a pretty exciting first two days,” said reliever Matt Guerrier. “We haven’t seen him steal a couple of bases yet, I guess we have to see that next.”
Yeah, it’s always what you haven’t done. What he has done, of course, is absolutely unsustainable. Of course, if he keeps up just half of this production, they can start readying his plaque.
“Really, what he’s doing is what he did in spring training,” said Manager Don Mattingly.
That would be the spring training where he hit .517 with 16 runs, two triples, five doubles, three home runs, 11 RBI and four stolen bases in 58 at-bats.
The Dodgers looked at that and said, “Nah, can’t be. He’s 22 years old. Barely played a handful of games in the minors. Better send him down for some seasoning.”
Really, their outfield was full and Puig needed to play. But now outfielders Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford are on the disabled list and Andre Ethier is hitting .234. And he’s going to play.
“He brings a lot of energy,” said shortstop Hanley Ramirez.
He’s certainly energized Dodger Stadium the last two nights. Though reality says, take slow breaths and repeat, “It’s only two games. It’s only two games …”

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