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Jennifer Lopez Makes a Splash (Literally) With Pitbull at 2013 Premios Juventud Awards—Watch!

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to get a party started.
The singer did just that when she took the stage to kick off the 2013 Premios Juventud Awards at the Bank United Center in Miami on Thursday.
Of course, she did have a little help from Pitbull, who joined the gorgeous gal on a medley of tunes that included "On the Floor," "Dance Again" and "Live It Up."
 Pitbull, Jennifer LopezRodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Univision
And let's just say the two made quite a splash—literally—at the end of their performance when they jumped into a pool, clothes and all. (See the clip above.)
Later in the show, Lopez was presented with the World Icon Award.
"When I see all these images and your beautiful face, I feel very fortunate to be here tonight," she told the crowd. "What I have always wanted to do with my life is to create, dance, act and entertain; and be a good person."
Jennifer LopezRodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Univision
She added, "I love what I do. I'm an artist. And I know that being a role model to my community means to be responsible for my actions. I too am human, and I make mistakes. But I promise you that when I fall, I get up again. When I make a mistake, I learn the lesson and I am ready to confront the next challenge.
"I accept this award with a lot of humility and I am enormously grateful."

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