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Knicks links: Nate Robinson won't be returning to New York, according to multiple reports

The Knicks' free-agent options narrowed a bit yesterday as Nate Robinson signed a two-year deal with the Denver Nuggets for the bi-annual exception, according to multiple reports (including this one from Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports).
It wasn't as if Robinson was sorely needed by the Knicks, who are still in the market for a third point guard.
The truth is, Robinson—who prefers scoring to passing and breathing—would have only been desirable for the veteran's minimum, which is coincidentally all the Knicks can offer.
The Knicks' real problem is that their options are dwindling. As players like Robinson get signed up, others may see more competitive offers from NBA teams. General manager Glen Grunwald already split the reduced mid-level exception between Pablo Prigioni and Metta World Peace and the team doesn't have a bi-annual exception to offer.
The teams that do have exceptions at their disposal ultimately have a better chance to sign quality players like Kenyon Martin, who Grunwald still hopes to re-sign. And, as's Jared Zwerling explained, guys like Martin can afford to be patient.
Requests for updates from Martin's representation were unanswered. A player source told that Martin remains "a good possibility" for the Knicks, but he could still be in the market for a $3 million deal. The Knicks only have veteran's minimums to spend, and they could be exploring cheaper alternatives who have fresher legs.  
Martin has received interest from other teams this year, but there's a sense that the first team to offer anything above the veteran's minimum will land the former top-overall pick. And that doesn't necessarily have to be a team in the title hunt.
A less-competitive team could sign Martin and deal him sometime after Dec. 15, hoping to pick up future assets in the process.
In other Knicks news:
• I made a list of a few remaining free agents who could interest the Knicks: "Another Brooklyn native, [Charles] Jenkins might make more sense than anyone else on this list because of his athletic ability... It's not that he's a great defender, but given the right guidance, he definitely has the physical ability to become one. For Grunwald, he would offer another chance to buy low on someone who can actually contribute at this level."
• Actor Dennis Farina passed away at the age of 69 on Monday, so Chris Strauss of the "For the Win" blog took the opportunity to remind folks that Farina played the Knicks coach at the beginning of the movie "Eddie." Former NBA players Malik Sealy and Dwayne Schintzius are also in the movie, both of who have also passed away.
• Spike Lee started a Kick Starter campaign to help fund his next movie and he's offering his courtside seats at Madison Square Garden in exchange for a donation (from Ryan O'Rourke at "A $5 donation result in a personalized "thank you" tweet from Lee himself, $100 can get you an autographed T-shirt and $1,000 would put you as an extra in the movie. But if you really fork out the big bucks, Lee is offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A $10,000 donation to the movie fund will get you dinner and a courtside seat at Madison Square Garden with Lee at a Knicks game in the upcoming season."

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